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Why you are selling these Cards ?

We are able produce full loaded Prepaid Credit Cards. We cashout most Cards on our own - but it is a safety issue to cashout all cards in same region.
We selling these Cards all over the World to camouflage our identitys and avoid risks.

How WU/PP transfers are working ?

We provide trustable people all over the world with Creditcards. They are able to do a moneytransfer with these Cards.

If you are intrested in working for us as money sender - Please contact us.

How can i pay ?

We accpeting ONLY BITCOIN for payment . It is a safe and anonym payment system. We will open a fresh new wallet for every customer.
Also their is no conenction for you as cusotmer, because we laundry all BITCOINS and closing the wallets after dealing.

How can i get BITCOIN?

We recommend But their are many ways to buy bitcoins.
Please buy BITCOINS before placing your order.

Do you accept Escrow Payment?

Yes we accepting Escrowpayment. Please get in contact with us.

How can i contact you ?

We are 24/7 available [email protected]

What is when Card doesnt arrived after shipping period ? Do i get my money back ?

If a delivery will get lost or if their any problems with the Card we will replace them.
All our packages come with tracking ID. We will check all Cards before shipping.
If you have done a payment with ordered card we don't replace them !
No replace for WU transfer !

Do not contact us, when you have the following questions/topics :

- If you can't pay and we should send you a credit card for free and after that you will pay us.
- If you want to make payments other then Bitcoins.
- If you want to know any insider information

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